Vesuvius volcano

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The outline of Vesuvius, one of the few still active volcanoes in Europe, is an antrinsic of the neapolitan landscape. It has two summits: to the north Monte Somma and to the south Vesuvius proper (1277 mt – 4190 ft). In time the volcanic materials on the lower slopes have become fertile soil with orchads and vines producing the famous Lacryma Christi Wine
From the summit there is an immense panorama over the bay of Naples anclosed by the Sorrento coast in the south and Cape Miseno in the north. Beyond is the gulf of Gaeta.
Our suggest to visit Vesuvius with a day trip: to reach the crater you have to park you car at the start of a small path (15 minutes by foot). It’s a easy walk but don’t forget your trekking shoes and comfortable wears.